Simple Ways to Keep Your Guinea Pig Happy and Entertained

Guinea pigs make a popular pet for children because of the cavies’ sociable and intelligent nature. But the downside of owning this adorable pocket pet is that they tend to get bored especially when they don’t have guinea pig toys & wheel to keep them entertained. They are also at high risk of getting fat if owners don’t watch their guinea pig food & diet. Learn how to keep your guinea pig healthy and entertained by following some basic rules.

Guinea Pig


Having a guinea pig pet is like having a toddler where having new toys excites them. Basically, you only need guinea pig toys & wheel to keep your little friend happy. They only need toy that will satisfy their chewing instincts as well as offer mental stimulation and their need to exercise and explore. Experts say that the happiest guinea pigs are those who have enough toys to keep them occupied.

If you are the type who enjoys crafting your own things, you can try the following to make your pet happy:

  • Create paper bags that your pet can use to hide in. Get the paper bags you got from the supermarket and create tiny holes enough for your little friend to go through. You can also create a makeshift tunnel using the paper bag by cutting the tube of the bag where your tiny pig can run through, make the game more exciting by adding few treats in the tunnel.
  • You can crumple an old paper into a ball and toss it inside your tiny pig’s cage. Your furry friend will surely enjoy the noise the paper makes.
  • Keep your cavy busy chewing for minutes by stuffing an old sock with animal bedding, just don’t forget to tie the end of the sock to avoid the fillings from coming out.
  • The easiest way to keep your tiny pig entertained for hours is by letting them play with tennis or ping pong ball. They will play with the balls for hours keeping them occupied even when you are not around.


When it comes to giving your guinea pig treats, guinea pigs enjoys getting rewards just like any animals do. You can give them treats once in a while to make sure their menu is diverse.

  • Offer some healthy treats for your guinea pig by hanging carrots or apple pieces on strings and placing it around the cage.
  • Stimulate their muscles by putting treats on hard to reach areas. Allow them to stand on their hind legs as they try to grab the treats.
  • Keep their teeth healthy by putting apple tree wood in their cage. It is safe for them and they can chew on it endlessly to keep their teeth healthy. Just don’t make a cage out of that wood as they will surely chew on them.
  • Let your cavy explore and discover your treats around the cage by placing small bits of carrots inside their toys or paper bag.